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Reginald Booker

Reginald Booker


Reginald Booker, a senior administrator with the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services, supervises efforts to protect people from environmental health problems caused by bacteria and viruses. Inspectors who work under him test food safety in restaurants, monitor water quality in public swimming pools, and visit nursing homes to make sure they are sanitary and safe.  After all, the environment isn’t just land, water, and sky—it is also the places we go and the food we put inside our bodies.


Reginald L. Booker is currently a Senior Administrator in Licensure, Regulatory, and Environmental Services at the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services. Mr. Booker supervises food, pool, and nursing home inspections, mosquito collection for West Nile Virus screening, county public health emergency preparedness and other environmental and health related programs. Before assuming his current position, Mr. Booker worked in a variety of government and private settings in health and medical administration. Much of his experience was with the United States Army, including a position as the Chief Administrator for the Department of Medicine at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and as Deputy Commander for Administration in the Forensic Toxicology Drug Testing Laboratory.  Mr. Booker holds a B.A. from McKendree College in Lebanon, Illinois, an M.S. in Health Administration from Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, a D.Min. from Bethany Theological Seminary in Richmond, Indiana, and has completed all requirements except dissertation for an Ed.D. from Northern Illinois University at DeKalb.


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