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Phil Heard, MD

Phil Heard, MD


In his job, Dr. Phil Heard helps the Maryland Department of the Environment pick up where researchers and data gatherers leave off.  As an environmental public health advisor, he helps the agency decide how to act on information about environmental threats.  Deciding how to respond requires a team of regulatory experts, toxicologists, and policy makers.  Dr. Heard adds a health and risk perspective and helps communicate with the public.  Because several agencies have a role to play in protecting the public from environmental conditions, coordination between agencies is important.  Dr. Heard works closely with his colleagues at the State Health Department.


Dr. Heard is a health advisor at the Maryland Department of the Environment, where his responsibilities include risk assessment and risk communication, hazard investigations, policy development, and interagency coordination.  He is interested in the data-reporting aspect of public health and serves as the Co-Principal Investigator for an interagency project to improve Maryland’s data resources for use in environmental health planning and response.  His committee roles include the Children’s Environmental Health and Protection Advisory Council, the Council on Cancer Control, and the State and locally coordinated Environmental Health Liaison Committee.  He received his M.D. at the University of Oklahoma and his public health training at Johns Hopkins University. 


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