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Following Up

Environmental Health Hall of Fame

Do you have any artists or writers in your class?  This activity might privilege their talents and uncover many more.

Assign groups of students to look at the information from a set of experts (perhaps three or four) and design posters or “baseball” cards that depict the environmental health expert and some facts about their career.  They could share their work with the class, explaining why they made the content and design choices they did.  Alternately, they could create a newsletter featuring these people and their work.

Interviewing the “Expert”

In this interactive, students meet experts involved in environmental health, following their interviews as they respond to questions about their career.  Perhaps your students would like to interview another expert in environmental health – you.

Present the question list that guided the interviews in the interactive.  What other questions might your class like to know about your career and how you prepared for it, as well as your thoughts on environmental health?  Have student groups compile a comprehensive list and submit them to you.  Schedule interviews with each group, perhaps providing a tape recorder so that they can record the interview. 

Direct student groups to provide a written account of the interview, using a form such as an article for a school newspaper or a profile for the school website. 

Perhaps there are other teachers in the school with an interest in environmental health that your students would like to interview.

What We Need to Know Now

Students often have questions that are raised as they engage in an activity.  To help them answer these questions, try this activity.

Brainstorm with students to compile a list of questions they still have about people working in the field of environmental health after they have worked with the interactive.  In groups, students should draw up a list of questions that will help them uncover this information.  Where can they go to find the answers?  Consider looking at web sites, using texts from your library, or querying other teachers in your building.